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Does size matter to you?

“There is a side to scale not to do with its actual physical size, its measurement in feet and inches – but connected with vision.
A carving might be several times over life size and yet be petty and small in feeling – and a small carving only a few inches in height can give the feeling of huge size and monumental grandeur, because the vision behind it is big.

Actual physical size has an emotional meaning. We relate everything to our own size, and our emotional response to size is controlled by the fact that men on the average are between five and six feet high.
An exact model to 1/10 scale of Stonehenge, where the stones would be less than us, would lose all its impressiveness.

Sculpture is more affected by actual size considerations than painting. A painting is isolated by a frame from its surroundings (unless it serves just a decorative purpose) and so retains more easily its own imaginary scale.”

- Henry Moore*

The cast bronze sculptures, shown here on my website, are intimate in size. They are intended to be lived with in the home, office or garden. Casting bronze in 50 centimetres or 2 feet in height offers an people the affordability to own an original bronze.

Casting the same piece in a large scale adds a greater emotion to the work. The response and interaction stimulated when filling a large outdoor, domestic or public space is quite different at 3 meters or 10 feet.
I invite you to contact me for a quote on a larger casting of any of the sculptures presented here. Feel free to ask about any idea for a commisioned work as well by contacting us here.

Thanks! Message sent.

Sculptures available for custom sizes

* The Sculptor Speaks, in Listener, 18 August 1937, pp.338–40, in Henry Moore: Sculptural Process and Public Identity, Tate Research Publication, 2015.

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