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The art of the 3rd Dimension

Have you wanted to take up sculpture but did not know where to start?


Do you have ideas for 3-dimensional forms but do not know how to best construct it? This workshop is an introduction to making sculpture by direct building and modeling. A variety of versatile materials will be used: plasticine, wax, clay, paper mâché, plaster, cement. These materials will be worked over a armature of wire, pipe, soft iron rod, and thin off cut wood.

This course is for those who are curious to explore making three dimensional work, including artists, crafts people, and others who have already worked with their hands in other mediums!

There will be demonstrations, discussions and LOTS OF making and doing!

  • Sketching different ideas to take your idea into a 3D reality.

  • Visualizing the attitude and qualities of the form and exploring spacial relationships.

  • Making internal armatures and supports. Yes,you will learn, how to make your sculpture stand up!

  • Finding out most successful recipes and correct techniques for each sculptural material.

  • Put into action the the materials best suit your sculpture idea.

  • Be given feedback, support and encouragement to develop the skills  necessary for creating sculpture.


Course runs for 6 days, 2 hours a day with 3 hours free studio time each day. Groups are limited to maximum of 6 participants and a minimum of 3.


Art Lives Studio in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


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