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"With sculpture we use your own body to look at it-we must walk around it. You must walk around it, bend towards it, touch it, walk away from it.

Sculpture is made to be touched, the tactile experience is part of the visceral response we have as we relate to natural forms and wonder “how it is made?”

Judson Chatfield is a New Zealand born sculptor who was classically trained in the 1960’s at Elam School of Art, Auckland University,New Zealand and Ilam School of Art,Christchurch University,New Zealand. Judson became a master in all sculptural mediums and techniques. He has a lifetime of carving, casting and constructing in the elements of stone, metal, bronze, wood and glass. The concepts for his pieces arise from many forms of stimulation; a whimsical comment, the figure in activity, the elegant flight of a bird, a fragment of texture, a distortion of light through trees. Each idea finds its expression through the sculptural medium that best suits its essence.

In addition to his sculptural practice, Judson spent 25 years operating a glass etching and embossing studio. As a glass etcher, Judson restored the majority of historically significant public and private buildings in the city of Adelaide, South Australia.He now operates two sculpture specific studios, one on the north coast of Australia in Byron Bay, New South Wales and the other in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. His work is represented by Addington Gallery, Chicago USA, Corsica Fine Art, Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The artist directly represents himself from his studio galleries in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.



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