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I have been greatly influenced by the Maori in New Zealand where I grew up. The traditional structures, elaborately carved decoration and objects. Also African has been an inspriration. I have sharpened my perception figuratively and abstractly about the form in movement and spaces the form can create. Relationships of all types inform my processes: between solid mass and negative space, soft with coarse, smooth with texture, small to large, open to enveloping.

As many of my generation, I have been influenced by the work of sculptors Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and J. Epstien. In thier work, I found purity of shapes, dimorphic forms, and saw how to autonomically get rid of everything not necessary helped create harmonious spacial relationships.

I found that the continuation of line and direction in the composition that extends beyond the work to involve the viewers eye is paramount. Envisioning the form from the outside in and the inside out is what has given me the skill to create the mass, space and shape of each material as it occupies space.


Make a piece of art yours.

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